Monday, 16 July 2012

A missed fight

Well due to an unexpected "curry night" at friends me and Mexican Dave missed our fortnightly visit to the club, which was a real bummer as I was looking forward to our debut outing of Warmaster Ancients. So long story short I've decided to get them on the table and chuck a few dice at them solo.

Even at a very modest 1000pts both armies fill my little 5ft x 5ft table to the point of having to double rank some stuff. This comes as a shock to me as the last time I played with Romans (WRG rules) they were well hard but usually vastly outnumbered, here its pretty much an even match up with the Punics (in units anyway) I'm rather looking forward to this, it might well prove to be a pants ruleset, but I'm hoping not. I have noticed this in the past, that what on first or even second read looks to be a cracking ruleset turns out not to be when you actually try them out with figures and dice. I'll let you know my opinion of these once my legions have crushed the unwashed hordes of Hannibal, or failed to, which with my dice rolling is more than likely.

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