Saturday, 7 July 2012

Senetas Populas Que Romanum

Or for the senate and people of Rome, yes finally finished painting my Warmaster Ancients Republican Romans, its only taken 18 months.

A whole load of flocking still to do but I'll get round to it, so why on earth did it take me so long to get these painted? Well literally weeks after I'd ordered these and a matching Carthaginian army, Pendraken released both these and the Carthaginians as resculpted ranges, well to be honest after looking at the new stuff and looking at these I was gutted, but I finally forced myself to finish them and I'm looking forward to thrashing those Punics all over Tunisia.

On a side note as promised a progress piccy of the new Mech

Thats Libby gazing in shock and awe at her new toy. Quite a staightforward build really with only the claw/hand - wrist joint being a bit of a nightmare, but a little milling with a 4mm drillbit and a little bit of pinning and its all built. More piccys as I spoil a good model with my ham fisted painting.

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