Friday, 1 July 2011

Not a good start to the month

I stupidly followed an interesting link on TMP, and yes, it's led me into yet another new period. It does look very different to what I normally play however but who can resist the thought of having massed cavalry, heavy machine guns and tanks all on the same battlefield? Yep its WW1, but before you switch off totally, theres no blasted fields of shell shattered mud and very few trenches involved. The rules are If The Lord Spares Us by Too Fat Lardies and its the gallant British Empire vs the foul JohnnyTurk, think Lawrence of Arabia for some inspiration. Buying and having a quick read through of these has led to another drain on my wallet this month in the shape of 2 Pendraken starter armies, a mere 270 figures though.

Pendraken despite Leon saying there were no new Napoleonic Austrian releases this month did in fact have some, although to be fair these are Hungarian regiments, so another 125 figures bought.

And with the WW2 purchases mentioned earlier thats a grand total of 467 bought so far this month, just as well that the taxman chose this month to stop raping my pension and give me a chunk of change back.

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