Sunday, 26 June 2011

The end of the beginning?

Or the beginning of the end? To misquote Churchill.

Totals for June

Bought 185 (still havent arrived yet :( )
Painted 192

June's hitlist item, well and truly done, so all in all a good month, so its time to point my fevered brain at what I want to do with next month, July. I did have a whacky idea of starting a 10mm Dwarven army but since last night common sense has broken out here in the bunker. Mexican Dave has been cracking on with his 1/72 PSC Russians, so this morning I've been rooting out several untouched sprues of Valiant Germans, theres about 100+ figures still on the sprues plus about 40 in various stages of painting. Thats not to mention that Dave dissapeared up the road with about 60 of the  little  big buggers. So thats this coming months project, get a full platoon of these guys assembled with supporting weapons and purchase some support in the shape of some Pz IVs for them. I'd like to add some Hanomags or Trucks as well, simply because all the cool Panzergrenadiers cant be expected to walk around like some peasant Russians.


Just looked and found out that although the Armourfast range of quick build stuff has gone up, used to be about £8 for two tanks, now the average seems to be just short of a tenner, but theyve gone a snuck a couple of essentials past my radar. Namely the ubiqeutous Pz IV and the long awaited Hanomag, well that'll be my German platoon having a couple of each, obviously.

So that looks like all I can sensibly buy for this project so a very light months spending.

Bought for July, 4.

Update, because of the "must have more" syndrome, I've just bought 68 more Valiant Tommies, my excuse is that I cant find the Vickers MGs or the PIATS that I built..

Update 2 : as the Armourfast kits are all around the tenner mark on e-bay I thought that was a HaT price hike, ermm no, check out the REAL price is £7.50, which for 2 vehicles isnt that bad at all.

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