Saturday, 16 July 2011

1st Battalion of Austrians complete

Based for Napmaster, a Warmaster variant, as the Austrian field battalions were considerably bigger than most countries, in this variant the Fusilier battalions are 4 bases big rather than the normal 3.

A long way to go yet before these see the table, another 4 of these "German" battalions then 3 Hungarian ones. The main difference between them is the "German" units have white trousers and a helmet, the Hungarians have blue or grey trousers and wear a shako.

The main decision I have to make now is do I actually want to do different colour cuffs and facings on each unit (as they should be) or do I do them all the same? Doing them the same makes sense in that theres less sorting out post game, but it does feel like cheating a bit.

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