Friday, 7 September 2012

My Dux have landed

Well I was doing so well with my Napoleonic painting too, out of the 23 Infantry Battalions, 11 Cavalry Regiments and 12 Guns, I still have to paint 1 Infantry Battalion, 1 Cavalry Regiment and 2 Guns. Then it all went pear-shaped, the postie brought this lot.

Thats not bad, considering one lot (the movement trays) were from a company in Fife, the next county over, and the figures were from a company in the USA. They were ordered at the same time, go figure that one out.

Next came the wargamers excitement moment, tipping the figures out of the bags and drooling over them. Then it hit me, a real OH CRAPPITUS!!!!!!!! moment, seperate shields, oh no, I detest seperate shields, even on 28mm figures never mind 15mm.

So it looks like my Napoleonic project is on hold for a week or 3 while I stick this lot together and paint them.

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