Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dux Brit painting update

Its now been a week since I've been waving my paintbrush in the general direction of these guys and progress has been a little better than expected, but not much. Here whats been done so far.

The Romano_British, from left to right, 4 skirmishers, 2 units of Levy and the 4 Nobles

Meet the Fockers, I mean Saxons, again from left to right, 4 skirmishers, a unit of Hearthguard and the 4 Nobles.

Thats 34 done with another 48 to go.

My master plan you see is that come the end of the month, pay day, is to order another 70 foot and 20 cavalry for this lot, looks like I may just get these painted before the end of the month. Its only 24 a week needed, then I can finish of the Napoleonics. The new load are not just to provide the bulk of the reinforcements needed for a Dux Brit campaign but to provide a bunch of units for a game of the other Dux, Dux Bellorum, which is just a fancy version of DBA, using the movement trays as units, so 6 figs per unit and about 10 units per army.

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