Thursday, 14 June 2012

Other Distractions Completed

These didnt really take too much time at all, and IMHO look ok

The Kobolds I painted with reddish/brown skin as I wanted to use them as both cannon fodder/filler figures in SoBH warbands and also as one of the "game effects" in SoTR where when a unit of 4 or more figures is actvated then theres a chance of that unit attracting the attention of other-worldy beings. In short they get attacked by up to 6 lesser daemons so I wanted them to look as Impy as possible, in the game effect the Daemons really are very lesser, so weak that its more of an annoyance than a threat. These will fill that role fine I think. The Werewolf I'm still not sure whats gonna happen to him, but for the meantime he could be used as a stand-in for the Ursine (Werebear) that I want for my Soviet platoon, I'd add him to my Orge's warband but that would involve losing even more Goblins from it, so he might just be a game effect/random monster for that game.

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