Monday, 12 September 2011

Well no work getting done any time soon.

Yep no painting, no gaming, no building, about the only thing I'm capable of this week at least is to burst into tears with no provocation at all.


Well yesterday I said goodbye to the second love of my life, my constant companion for the last 5 years, since I was medically retired.

She may not look like much, she was a mongrel rescued from the dog pound, 15 years ago, but a gentler more loving soul never walked this planet. She was worse off than me as far as health problems went, she had Arthrytis, Pancreatitus, a heart murmer and had had 3 strokes, but as soon as she saw someone the tail started wagging and she was tottering over looking for a little pet, she loved everyone and they loved her. But yesterday she had another big stroke, I spent an hour sitting on the pavement opposite the house waiting for her to recover enough to get on her feet, and when the vet came in his advice was the worst immaginable. So now she's in that big park in the sky, chasing balls all day, but I miss her terribly.

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  1. Sorry about the loss I am a dog lover as well. It appears you gave her a great life.