Thursday, 8 September 2011

September and Autumn have arrived

Well August passed quickly for me, and if you're even slightly interested, the scores on the doors for the month were:

Bought : 0, yep Nada, Nowt. (unbelievable as that might seem)

Painted : 316

Unfortunatly this month so far its

Bought : 117

Painted : 3

Other diversions are a whole load of new cardstock building to be made, need a good few for a Sharpe-a-like game of Drums and Shakos. Also just bought the Ganesha Games, Flying Lead rules, which to be honest look very interesting, there's a slew of stuff in there about WW2 which is always good, but the main reason for purchase is to see if I can get some mileage out of my old GW models. I could of course use the original 40K rules but IMHO they are absolute crap, and are only written/re-written(constantly) with a view of foisting more and more over-priced product onto you. So looks like an interesting month coming.

And yes, Mexican Dave, I did say no new ruleset this month, but I couldnt resist these.

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  1. I do remember you saying that. I however stated no such thing so I have bought 2.