Saturday, 2 February 2013

WoW its February already

Yup a whole month without a post, I must have been doing something more interesting than wittering on about my hobby. For some strange reason I found myself thinking that its been 25 years or more that I've been wasting my time on wargaming, and bam!!! There on e-bay was the 25th Anniversary edition of Battletech, I've always been an impulse buyer and since it was at a knockdown price of £35 instead of the reccomended £50 I bought it. Well, to say the least the 24 Mechs that it comes with are bloody awful, better than the carboard standups that I remember when I first bought it way back when, but only marginally. Strike one against them is the flash on them if everywhere, strike two is that theyre made of some sort of polythene so getting rid of the flash is a nightmare, strike three is that there are deep holes in them from what I presume to be ejector pins and finally the hex bases theyre cast on dont match the hexes on the map boards. So all in all a whole load of work to be done on the mechs.

The rest of the box contents however have improved a lot in the last 25 years, the maps to start with are a joy compared to the flimsy paper sheets, now on really heavy duty cardstock, the rules are better laid out and nicely illustrated. The 2 "premium" mechs in the package are a delight as well, now this is how the other 24 should have been, to be honest I'd have rather have had even just 4 of this quality than the 24 pieces of garbage, but hey-ho, they'll still end up with a quick paint job and being used.


  1. I have to disagree the models are far better than the ones that came the last time you got actual models in a Battletech set anyways will have to have a game against you :)

  2. I look forward to a game Tony, me and Dave will be test driving the Quick Start rules on Saturday in Forfar. On the models, have you actually tried painting them? I have 8 of the Mechs from the previous set and to be honest, I'd rather have those than the new ones, sure theyre in more relaxed poses but they were a lot less work to get them done.

  3. You know me and painting :) have painted 4 but only in one color