Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My latest distraction

Well I found myself at my club's show just over a week ago with money in my wallet and to be honest nothing really to spend it on. That's my excuse for being a bit weak, Mexican Dave has been trying to entice me into Spartan Games Dystopian Wars, so long story short, there was a trader selling the stuff, so I thought for a minute it's 1870, Dave has been buying odds and ends of a Prussian fleet, Franco-Prussian war and all that, so I should be pretty safe buying a French fleet. Besides who can resist cruisers that are flying, so thats what I bought and the rulebook of course.

Thats them done apart from one cruiser still on the painting table, I was a happy bunny as I got 10 frigates instead of 9, then the happiness evaporated somewhat when I sat down and read the "fluff" the Prussians are actually allies of the French, bugger!!!!

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