Saturday, 17 March 2012

March's not so secret project

A couple of weeks ago I happened to glance up from painting my umpteenth 10mm legionary and spotted a box sitting on my shelf marked Bag the Hun aircraft. Like a fool I opened it and I was lost again, I also found a load of related PDFs on my old PC and I started reading them. Here's the result.

Bag the Mig!!!!!! A few North Korean Mig 15s  ambushing French Mysteres. Bag the Mig is the supplement for Bag the Hun to cover the North Korean war. Just to get up in the mood, Mexican Dave and I had a Battle of Britain bash with a flight of 4 Hurricanes scrambling to intercept a flight of 4 109s scuttling their way back to France. Lets just say that it was a memorable battle for Dave, and everyone else in the hall, he WON!!!!!!!!! Shot down 3 of the 109s for the loss of only 2 of his Hurricanes, I think that's got him sold on the ruleset.

I also read the Fox 2 supplement, basicly thats the "Missile Age" version and I'm not entirely happy with it so I've bought C21 Airwar to have a look at, at first glance, it looks a lot more detailed and hence probably wont allow the use of as many planes per player.

In short, look forward to piccies of lots more (badly painted) planes in the coming months.

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