Monday, 30 January 2012


January is almost over, so what have I managed? Quite a lot really, Dwarven Army, complete, Yorkist Army, complete, and the one I'm most happy with, my AWI American Army, complete.

The downside though is now I really need to get on and paint up the British, oh dear!


  1. Looking good Gordon! 10mm??
    Read one of your earlier posts and was intrigued as to what SoBH meant - Now I know - what an addictive little rule set!!
    I fear it will be like DBA all over again (a compulsion to assemble numerous armies) - I have you to thank for that too!! ;o)

    Take care
    Bob Mcleish

  2. Yeah Bob, 10mm is the new 15mm, in fact as far as pricing goes, its pretty much priced the same as 15mm was way back when we were buying it. As far as quality goes its streets ahead, just pay Pendraken a visit and drool over this months Carthaginian releases.

    I dont get to play SoBH near enough, but I do dig out a couple of warbands occasionally and give them a solo thrash. Playing solo is easy as all you need is 3 coloured dice and a white one. The colours always get sorted into the same order and the white one (acting as a d3) is the number os activations that you tried.

  3. Mmm, I love Pendraken - I have a load of their 10mm WWII USMC & Japanese - currently using BKC, but toying with the idea of converting the rather splendid Combat Commander: Pacific (card driven
    Pacific theatre infantry combat boardgame from GMT) rules for 10mm small scale infantry games..
    I'm also working on some 10mm 7YW stuff (French & Prussians) and am considering abandoning 6mm ACW in favour of 10mm...

  4. The new ACW range is excellent although at the moment incomplete, I will not be replacing my 15mm ACW with 10mm however as its all done and finished. I'm doing too many periods with Pandraken kit as it is.


    I think thats enough to be going on with, although the new Sci-Fi sculpts aree calling me, just get old Mechwarrior tanks and stuff off E-bay. Must keep chanting the mantra, "No new projects, Ommmmmmmm, No new projects!"