Friday, 11 November 2011

Only posting this because

Well the hound from hell is simply destroying any chance whatsoever of getting things done, so I thought I'd post the latest army incomplete.

This is a 1940 3000pt German army based on the so-called 2000pt Pendraken army pack, I say so-called because their packs are/were pointed up for BKC, but havent changed since BKC II came out. Ok, I did have to add a little, but in reality it was a little. Lemme see, what I added was 4 Sdkfz 251 (as 4 trucks and 8 bases of infantry doesnt work anymore), couple of halftracks to pull the AT guns as theyre not likely to be static, 3 75mm howitzers (simply because I like dropping arty rounds) and a Stuka (cos I had one!), and that comes to 3000pts on the nose.

As can be seen the infantry need some more paint, all the armour and the trucks need some highlighting, but all in all its a fairly nice looking army..

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