Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A bit of wet work

A couple of weeks ago Mexican Dave dropped into the conversation "I quite fancy doing some historical Naval gaming." and as usual I jumped in with both feet.

The historical reference was probably due to all the Dystopian Wars we were playing on the run up to Xmas, but here's this months buy ins.

Blue felt for the 6 x 4 table ~ £8.50
Rulebook ~ £22
German Fleet from Skytrex ~ £35
British Fleet from MY Navies ~ £18.50

So all in all around the £80 mark for pretty much everything I need to play WW1 naval games, its not too bad at all. I think I overdid it on the Britsh destroyers though, I ordered 30 of the little buggers, so the last dozen will probably go back into the bag and go into the "when I've nothing else to paint drawer".

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  1. I have this rule book myself but have yet to give it a go... I suppose some model ships may help too!

    I look forward to your views on the rules and action reports.

    All the best,